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It’s common that many nascent businesses don’t understand the importance of having an identity manual. Surely you’ve heard about this topic, but if you’re here it’s because your business definitely doesn’t have one. Or maybe yes, but you want to improve it and do something more personalized for your brand.

But you no longer have to worry about this, because at we take care of making the best identity manual so that your branding is completely complete.

What is an identity manual?

It’s a document that collects all the elements of the corporate identity of your business. It’s designed to define everything that visually identifies your brand. In addition to including certain pieces that are important when making designs with the name of your brand or company. It also includes the basic rules for building your brand identity.

In addition to the correct application of the logo and corporate colors in all communication platforms. Therefore, you will realize that it is fairly extensive work. But all these graphic examples save a lot of work for the definition of your brand. Like taking a load off yourself when you want to start a new advertising campaign.

Why is an identity manual important?

We already mentioned it, the identity manual saves you a lot of time in a single job. And it’s that it includes the parameters and regulations of the identity of your company in the different media. In such a way that the application should appear graphically and in detail on stationery, invoices, business cards. As well as in mobile advertising, uniforms and even how it should be applied in social networks.

If you’re not convinced, imagine remembering again what measurements and what shades the logo should have for a certain type of printing paper. Or what colors should you ask the embroidery company so that they know how to capture your corporate colors in a good way. All this without any guide that gives you the answers immediately. It’s for this and more than the identity manual is totally important.

And this is why at Mandreel we take the creation of your brand identity manual very seriously. We’re committed to delivering totally useful work for you, which will be quite durable for your business.

An agency helps you create your identity manual

Our graphic design and marketing experts know what the essential formats are for all brands and businesses. In addition, they’ll know how to adapt your logo and corporate image in the formats that are most necessary for you. Because we’re experts in branding with extensive international experience. And we like our clients to represent our good work.

So don’t underestimate the identity manual, because we assure you that it’ll always be very useful for you. And with you can have it easily and well explained for your team to understand. With the best quality and the best attention you could receive. Because we also focus on providing experiences to our clients.

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