Zoe Bray DVD Reviews

I used to think workout DVDs were just a bunch of silly people jumping around in legwarmers to weird music. I never tried them, but I had very little faith in them and they never appealed to me. So when I decided to try yoga, I knew I definitely did not want a DVD. However, as a stay at home mom and student, 2 weeks of classes at my local studio almost made me go broke. After asking around and researching, I decided to try a give a fair Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton DVDs reviews.

My Experience

As I said, I had very little faith in this program, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure, so I was determined to give it my all. The program itself is 12 weeks long, with three phases, each one being 4 weeks long. Ideally, you would complete 3, 45 minute workouts each week, along with the Tranquility Flow. This all sounded like a little much to me, but I stuck it out. And I’m so glad I did.

It was a little difficult to find the motivation the first few weeks, but by week 2 I swear I was feeling the impact it was having on my body. I was in a better mood and had more patience, even on days I didn’t work out, and I felt much less sluggish. Granted, some days I was sore, but I felt my attitude being much more positive.

By week 5, I was actually looking forward to the workouts! Yes, the woman who once called workout DVDs “mistakes that should have stayed in the 80s”. These 45 minute yoga sequences became my daily breath of fresh air. They are such a great way to start or end your day, putting you in such a relaxed and refreshed mindset.

My favorite part of the entire program though, has got to be Zoe Bray Cotton herself. She has such a pleasant voice and makes it easy to follow along. She does a great job of explaining how to perfectly execute each pose. And if you ever get confused, you can always rewind the DVD, a feature you simply cannot get at your local studio in a large class. I especially liked her instructional method after suffering through two weeks of classes at my local studio with an instructor who talked very fast and did not explain the moves. I found it so confusing and difficult to keep up, but Zoe definitely changed that for me.

Final Thoughts

I and so glad I was able to prove myself wrong about workout DVDs, using the Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton DVDs. I highly recommend this program to any woman out there looking to tone her body and get that graceful, feminine figure, even if you have never even thought about doing yoga before. At the end of the day, they are way cheaper than classes, so you have nothing to lose by trying them!