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Why I love Online Casino More Than Regular Casino

I don’t know about you, but for me to get to my local casino is almost an hour drive, and that’s if there is no traffic at all. So, When I decide I want to gamble a little bit of money (who doesn’t?), I have to go after 7 PM because of the traffic and, honestly, I lose more than I gain. There’s something about this place that doesn’t add up and I just can’t get lucky. When I do, it’s not for long and then I start tilting and, well, you know the rest…

I started asking myself; “Why would I drive an hour just to go to a place where I am the unluckiest man on the planet?” Then it hits me; Find a casino where I wouldn’t have to drive and where lady luck would be on my side. At first, I searched for the best online casino on Google. I am not a marketing type of guy but the first couple of results screamed all the same: Affiliate marketing. They all reviewed the same exact sites and everyone had good things to say about each and every casino. It looked like they were all good and we should all play on these platforms.

I couldn’t get to convince myself that these guys were telling the truth. After all, aren’t they paid to mention these casinos? Like some sort of commissions? If so, why would I trust what they have to say? No, that can’t be it.

Instead, I went on some gambling forums and I looked out for real reviews from real people and one site that stood out is Motobola ( Good looking site. I even started a chat with their customer service to see if 1. They really had one and 2. If it was up to my standard. So far, so good.

So, I sign up, deposit $200 and get my bonus as well (yay). Just for the record, that was about a week ago. So, here’s the result so far:

  • Blackjack: lost $40 (but was up to $150 at one point)
  • Roulette: won $75 (but was down to $100 at some point)
  • Slot machines: lost $5 (I know, I know. However, at some point, I was down almost $200 and then I hit a lucky shot and skyrocketed back to even, or close to it).

All in all, I am happy with my choice. When you gamble, you’re not going to win every time but as long as I don’t lose every time, I will be happy. That’s what I got from Motobola. Hopefully, lady luck will be with me the next time I play. Cheers