How to Choose a Platform Bed Frame

You may have heard the term ‘platform bed frame’ before, or maybe you haven’t. The confusion regarding platform beds is their newness, which is why some people may only know them by name, though have no idea what they actually are or how they work.

What to know if you’re looking for a platform bed frame

The biggest benefit of having a platform bed frame is that they are built with a platform into the frame itself (as the name suggests) so that all you need is the platform bed frame and a mattress. Essentially, platform bedframes cut out the need for a box spring entirely, which is a big part of its popularity.

You may now be thinking: What is so good about not having a box spring? Well, let’s think about traditional bed frames for a moment. They’re not architecturally sound enough to support a mattress without a box spring as an intermediary support system. This has been the basic design of beds for a few centuries now; only materials involved have changed. And while the box spring system is a huge improvement on medieval bed architecture, there was always room for improvement and the platform bed frame is it.

There are a lot of benefits to not having to have a box spring. For one, box springs cost money. A mattress by itself is less expensive than when it is purchased with a box spring included. So, you could potentially save quite a pretty penny without having to buy one. And if you’re young and just getting your own place, you may have a hand-me-down mattress, which often doesn’t come with its own box spring. If you’ve inherited your mattress from someone else, a platform bed frame is an economical solution since you don’t have to source a box spring for it.

Height is another important factor when it comes to box springs—they add quite a lot. If you’re tall, this isn’t a problem. But for shorter people—particularly women who are built petite—climbing on top of a super tall bed can be a physical challenge itself, a problem only amplified for people who are disabled or suffer mobility issues due to health concerns like lupus, arthritis or a bad back. When you take away the height of the box spring, all you have to worry about is the height of the bed frame itself and the mattress—this is why it’s such a great choice for those who have issues climbing into tall beds.

Then there is style. Platform bed frames come in a variety of styles ranging from classical rococo, to exotic eastern influence, to industrial, to mid-century modern, to postmodern to southwest chic and anything and everything in between. With all the style choices to choose from, it makes it every easy to tailor your bedroom to suit your design preferences or personality, which is a huge reason platform bedframes are a popular choice for younger people who’ve just moved into their own place.