best organic sunscreen

How I was able to choose the best natural sunscreen for myself

I stopped using chemical sunscreen a couple of years ago when my doctor told me that it provoked the rash I kept complaining about. He recommended that it’s best to try a natural sunscreen because such products are much healthier and they really don’t pose any risks to your health at all. It took me a while before I was able to find the perfect natural sunscreen, so I figured out that I share with you a few tips about what to look for when you’re searching for the best sunscreen with natural ingredients. If someone had done the same for me, my choice would have been much easier, and that’s why I want to help you because if someone really has enough experience with sunscreens, then that’s me.

All the different options

There are so many different options on today’s marker that it’s effortless to get lost among them and things can get really confusing.

The first thing that you should know is that there are two main categories of sunscreen available: chemical sunscreen and physical barrier SPF. The difference is obvious between these two and it lays in the fact that chemical sunscreen work based on a chemical reaction and the absorb the UV rays and the physical sunscreen, or natural SPF works by reflecting the UV rays. It’s pretty obvious that I recommend that you go with the second option.

Choosing a natural mineral sunscreen should be your first choice in order to limit the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

The first thing that you should do is to look for natural minerals such as zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. These will sit on the top of your skin and reflect the harmful UV rays. They will not get absorbed into the bloodstream, and they are also gentle on the sensitive skin. Another thing that makes me love natural sunscreen is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. And considering that I’m a vegan, it’s no wonder I prefer them.

The zinc oxide helps you by not absorbing the cream into the skin, and instead, it sits on top of it to reflect the rays of the sun. The titanium dioxide is able to reflect both UVA and UVB rays, and it’s gentle on the skin. I was also able to apply products with titanium dioxide on my really sensitive skin without causing any kind of side effects.

The second main thing that you should be aware of when you’re searching for the best natural sunscreen is to avoid harmful chemical ingredients. These include oxybenzone and oxtinoxate. Look for them on the product’s list of ingredients. The Organic Beauty Expert did a review of top organic sunscreens on their website, you might want to check them out. They are absorbed into the bloodstream, and they take about 20 minutes to provide adequate protection from UV rays. These two chemicals are associated with nasty effects for our health, and they have also been related to the destruction of coral reefs, meaning that they harm the environment.

What you need to look for?

When you’re looking for the best natural sunscreen also make sure to check the following elements of the packaging:

  • The SPF value which has to be at least 30 or 50 if you have fair skin like myself
  • A number that indicates independent testing of the SPF
  • The full list of active and non-active ingredients
  • If the cream is water resistant or not
  • If the product is safe for the environment
  • The expiry dates

If you follow these three main steps when you’re searching for the best natural sunscreen, you cannot possibly fail. I guarantee you that it’s totally worth choosing a natural SPF instead of a chemical one for the sake of your health.