Physiotherapy in Ottawa

A car Accident and a Review – Kinetic Edge Clinic

There are a lot of people who suffer from back pain, posture problems, reduced mobility, incontinence, bursitis, posture problems and workplace and sports injuries. Unfortunately, most of them are not aware of the fact that all these conditions can be treated with ease. Fear of doctors and of the potential diagnosis or/and treatments are holding many of us back, and we usually postpone going to see a specialist in such cases. I was one of those people until I found out that there’s a simple solution for all of these and it’s called physiotherapy.

My Story

Back in 2012, I was in a car accident, and I injured my neck. After that, in 2016 I had fusion surgery to fortify my spine with two metal rods and 14 screws. I know this sounds creepy, but I have to provide you all the details to be able to understand what I’ve been going through. Specialists recommended me a ton of pain medication every day, and these drugs were strong.

I hate medication so you can imagine how I felt all that time when I was taking it. A friend of mine recommended that I try an alternative solution, physiotherapy. I accepted instantly because I would have done anything just to get rid of both the pain and the medication as well. So I called an Ottawa Physiotherapy clinic called Kinetic Edge, and I made an appointment.

The First Appointment

When I first met Dr. Rohit Rajput, I was extremely impressed by the detailed way in which he explained me everything I needed to know about my condition and about the amazing things that can be achieved with physiotherapy. He managed to give me hope and drive not only to make myself better, but also to show others that I’m not just sitting back and not trying. During the first session, he used manual therapy, and this included muscle stretching, joint mobilization, strength building and exercise prescription as well. I was impressed by the result from the very first day, and after I left the clinic, I know that I had finally found the solution to my health problems.

My Overall Experience

I have been seeing Dr. Rohit Rajput for three months now, and I feel that my health has improved. My neck and back don’t hurt anymore, and I can do all my daily activities effortless just like it was before the accident. I had almost forgotten what this felt like. For this whole experience I have to thank my friend but most of all, Dr. Rohit Rajput. He practically made me feel like I was born again. He also performs complete concussion management, acupuncture, kinesiology taping, AED training, and more. I will continue to visit Kinetic Edge clinic, and I’m considering trying more of their therapies such as massage therapy for overall relaxation. Today I feel that I have increased strength and flexibility, a more extensive range of movement and I feel that I have a higher quality of life.

Best GI Doctors in Florida

Gastrointestinal issues are among the most common health concerns of Americans today. Whether you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD, Crohn’s Disease or just a really bad stomach virus, all of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced gastrointestinal issues. Despite this, a lot of people are afraid to broach the topic with their family doctor due to societal stigmas surrounding issues of the intestinal tract and, consequently, never get the help they desperately need. This can lead to greater consequences down the road, that go beyond simple discomfort in some cases, so it’s always crucial that you discuss any stomach or intestinal issues you have with your family doctor. To ensure you get the best care for your gastrointestinal (GI) disorder, your family doctor (aka Primary Care Physician/Practitioner) will usually refer you to a gastroenterologist, also called a GI doctor, who specializes in GI diseases.

How can I find the best GI doctors in Florida?

If you live in Florida, it’s important to know that there are a lot of GI specialists in your state, so you are almost certain to find a good one that accepts your insurance coverage, if you have any. That’s good news, because people in more rural states don’t have this luxury, and often have to travel long distances for care; in Florida, GI patients can luckily find excellent care for their conditions nearby.

Your regular doctor (aka your family doctor) will typically determine if it’s time for you to see a GI doctor, even if it’s only to get a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis he or she has already given you. Other times, you may seek care for problems at the ER, if you don’t have insurance; their, care providers will typically refer you to a specialist who is an expert in your issue (in this case a GI doctor) who can address your needs. If your regular doctor thinks you need a GI doc, they will typically give you a list of gastroenterologists in your area to choose from, which can seem overwhelming if you don’t already have a particular gastro specialist in mind, due to past experience either as a patient or a loved one of a GI patient.

Dr. Vikram Tarugu, MD, is the best GI doctor with a practice in Coral Springs, Florida. Most of his patients rate their experience with him—including his level of knowledge, skill, demeanor and satisfaction with the treatment he provided—very highly. If you don’t have first or secondhand knowledge of a GI doc in your area, online ratings like this can be helpful in making a decision.

Dr. Tarugu has treated a multitude of conditions, including common GI problems like GERD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, cirrhosis of the liver, ulcers, hernias and more. He regularly performs roughly a dozen procedures including colonoscopies (with and without polypectomies), sigmoidoscopies, endoscopies of the entire upper GI tract including small intestine and more. His practice accepts around 30 different varieties of insurance; if you would like to learn more, contact his office for details.

clash royale chest cycle

Beginner’s Guide to the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

If you’re new to playing Clash Royale, you may be scratching your head over the chest cycle. Chests are, after all, an important part of the game, because of all the great and useful rewards you get, so it’s frustrating when confusion abounds. However, when you break it down, the Clash Royale chest cycle becomes a lot less overwhelming. And once you understand the patterns of the chest cycle, you can begin to use it to your advantage the way elite players do.

What is the Clash Royale chest cycle?

The Clash Royale chest cycle refers to the chests players can open in Clash Royale which generally become available at cyclical intervals, though some chests you must either win through skill in battle or purchase through the app.

The different chests and their breakdowns are as follows:

  1. The Free Chest: All players are entitled to the Free Chest. When you claim it, a 4hr countdown timer begins and must reach zero before you get your next Free Chest.
  2. Crown Chest: To receive a Crown Chest, you must win 10 crowns; additionally, you can only have one every 24hrs, which is a very long cycle, so claim it as soon as you can to reap its rewards.
  3. Silver Chest: The Silver Chest is received through your valor in battle; the countdown timer for the Silver Chest is 3hrs. This is a super useful chest for new players; while lower in tier, it drops cards, gems and gold, and the short 3hr cycle is very advantageous.
  4. Gold Chest: The Gold Chest offers better items than the silver one, and it is collected via battle winning. Its cycle is 8hrs.
  5. Magical Chest: The Magical Chest is one of the highest tier chests you can win via your battle prowess. Unlike lower tier chests, the Magical Chest gives you a chance of winning an Epic Card. It’s on a 12hr cycle.
  6. Giant Chest: The Giant Chest is a drop after you win a battle. If you’re impatient to receive it, you can purchase it in the in-app store even if you’re a newbie. You get a mix of Common and Rare cards with the Giant Chest.
  7. Super Magical Chest: This is a rare drop, rarer than all the rest, but it contains the best rewards and a chance of getting a Legendary Card.

The catch

Players are assigned a random order in the cycle: 0-25. Your assigned position makes it more likely to get a Gold or Silver card in your next drop, with Magical only having one guaranteed chance in the 0-25 order numbers. (You still have chances to win Magical and up though.) Because of this pattern, you are, on average, 4 times as likely to get Silver—but eventually you will always get a Gold or a Magical, which is worth noting.

Pro tip

In closing, it’s really easy to take advantage of the Clash Royale Chest Cycle when you learn how it works. As a pro tip, always remember to take a chest as soon as it is offered; that way, the countdown timer for the next chest will begin again and you can get your next chest as quick as possible.

growing a beard

How to Grow A Beard Like a Chief

There are many males that are bestowed with fast-growing beard, while others are struggling with their slow-growing facial hair. The growth of facial hair mainly depends on the genetics, but is you are concerned more about your beard growth then there are certain tricks that can maximize the growth of your beard and prevent the patch whiskers. Below is the guide on growing a beard like a chief, which you need to read if you want to maximize the growth of your facial hair.

Caring of Face

It is very necessary for you to exfoliate your facial skin once a week. You must use scrub and exfoliant that are made specifically for men to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate growth of facial hair. Besides, you are required to keep the skin clean and wash it daily with warm water and mild cleanser. Besides using sunscreen and other normal moisturizer, you must prefer using moisturizer that are made out of eucalyptus as this is the compound that is known to boost the growth of facial hair.

Take Vitamins and Supplements

Biotin supplement is recommended for people who are concerned about their beard growth. Biotin is clinically approved supplement that augments the growth of facial hairs and nails. You must also include vitamin B in your regular diet. Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 are known to support the growth of beard and facial hair in men. You must also include lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet which provide nutrients to your body required for the growth of beard.

Leave the Beard Alone

If you really want the hair to come the facial hair quickly, then ensure to leave your beard alone. You must always defy the urge to shape or trim the beard. Try to groom the beard once in every 4 to 6 weeks, especially when it is fully grown. Many people believe that trimming or shaving of beard increase the growth, but this is not a fact. Shaving of beard regularly decreases the quantity and volume of your facial hair, instead of increasing the growth and amount of beard.

the best vacuum for tile floors

The Halo UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum: A New Concept of Clean

I was always under the impression that my house was clean after I vacuumed. I have since learned that in my carpet lives over 100,000 dust mites per square yard. This doesn’t take into consideration the mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens that are living in there either. I learned about this fact when I discovered the creation of a new type of vacuum cleaner for tile floors. It is called the Halo UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum. Here is how it works to more than clean your critter filled carpets:
The question arises, how does one get rid of all the dust mites and other critters that are living in the carpet? Well for over 60 years hospitals have been using an ultraviolet light to kill these invisible pests. So it only makes sense to develop an Ultraviolet light that can be used with a vacuum.

I learned that there are three types of ultraviolet lights. U-VA and U-VB which we know comes from the sun. It’s what creates our tan (or sometimes sunburn). The third ultraviolet light is called U-VA C. This light attacks the very DNA of the pests that live in your carpet, killing their ability to multiply or reproduce. Dr. Glenn Needham, Ph.D, a professor of entomology and acarology said, “Our research shows that as little as one second of UV-C exposure results in the death of the American house mite eggs”.

What benefit will your house have from this kind of vacuuming? Well for number one you will be getting rid of so many allergens that you just may find you are not suffering from allergies anymore. The vacuum’s motto is “Cleans what you see, kills what you can’t.” Getting as many germs that you can’t see out of your house should be a priority. I mean how many of us have switched to those Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes once we learned about all the germs a sponge carries? It’s no different here. What I’m trying to say is you need the best vacuum for tile floors to get all the dust and then clean the tiles after to kill the germs The bottom line is we can keep our families healthier by spending a few extra dollars for a vacuum that can kill the germs living in our home.

Vacuum details

The Halo UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum currently sells for $399.99. It has ultraviolet light technology, HEPA filtration, telescoping handle, 31′ power cord, powerful gear-driven system (no belts to change), it is lightweight with powerful suction, electronic height adjuster, and includes a package of 5 replacement bags. After that replacement bags cost $7.99 per pack.

I think the inventor of this vacuum is a genius. I would definitely recommend you check out the website and visit the Halo Family Blog. Tons of great information can be found there.